Holywells Park Butterflies (Lepidoptera)2009

In 2009, I managed to see the following species within the park mainly around the meadows, field edges and within the wooded areas:

Small Skipper,
Essex Skipper,
Large Skipper,
Large White,
Small White,
Green Veined White,
Orange Tip,
Small Copper,
Common Blue,
Red Admiral,
Painted Lady,
Small Tortoiseshell,
Speckled Wood,
Wall Brown,
Meadow Brown,

Contact with a number of other local and county butterfly observers has also revealed that the following species have also been seen within the park and in the tetrad area (TM1642) in the last few years:

Holly Blue, White Admiral, White Letter Hairstreak, Purple Hairstreak, Green Hairstreak, Brown Argus, Swallowtail (!!!)

Below are a number of photos of some of the butterflies seen in the park in 2009:

Above- Painted Lady

Above- Male Common Blue

Above- Peacock

Above- Speckled Wood

Above- Small Copper

Above- Meadow Brown

Above- Gatekeeper

Above- Comma

Above- Large White

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