JULY 2013 Birds and Wildlife Update

28 July 2013

I had a good walk around a windy Landseer Park mid-morning looking for butterflies. Although, at times the wind was quite strong the sun was out and a few sun drenched pockets were found. Species recorded:
5+ Speckled Wood, 100+ Meadow Brown, 10+ Ringlet, 50+ Small Skipper, 5+ Large Skipper, 25+ Essex Skipper, 10+ Gatekeeper, 35+ Large White, 25+ Small White, 5+ Green-veined White, 4 Peacock, 3 (1m, 2f) Marbled White, 1 (m) Brimstone, 3 Comma, 4 Brown Argus.
27 July 2013

Another butterfly species was added for the Holywells Park year list by Sarah Kilshaw. Sarah found a Small Copper (23 species)in the Kissing Gate Lane meadow along with a Six Spotted Burnet Moth.

Sarah also saw a Small Copper on Landseer Park along with a Common Blue and two Marbled Whites.
26 July 2013

Sarah Kilshaw had a check of the Kissing Gate Lane meadow and was rewarded with a Brown Argus butterfly. It is the first one reported for Holywells Park so far this year and brings the butterfly total to 22 species.

18 July 2013

A walk back through Holywells Park after work proved very productive on the Odonata front. Along the canal path a number of Common Blue and Azure Damselflies were encountered. On reaching the Observation Platform at least four Small Red-eyed Damselflies were noted flying weakly around the edges of overhanging vegetation with Blue-tailed Damselflies. Also present here was a single male Banded Demoiselle. Out over the water both Brown Hawker and Southern Hawker were also noted. Over the Meadow another Brown Hawker and at least two Southern Hawkers were seen. Whilst walking along the canal path I saw a large green damselfly and on close inspection it turned out to be my first Willow Emerald Damselfly of the season. Butterflies seen were: Large White, Small White, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Large Skipper, Small Skipper, Essex Skipper, Gatekeeper and Purple Hairstreak.

Early PM- a single male Marbled White was seen on Landseer Park. Other butterflies seen were: Comma, Painted Lady (2), Large White, Small White,Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Large Skipper, Small Skipper and Essex Skipper.

15 July 2013

Another fine image from Parrish Colman of a Landseer Park Marbled White.

12 July 2013

Parrish Colman captured a wonderful image of a male Marbled White on Landseer Park today. At present, acount of six males is the highest amount recorded this year which is a par with last year. Will we see any females though?

11 July 2013

A late afternoon walk allowed me to explore Holywells and by checking some sheltered sunny areas I managed to see a few butterflies. Along the canal, a trio of Purple Hairstreaks were seen chasing each other high ona sun lit Oak. On the meadows both Small Skipper (5) and Essex Skipper (2) were seen. Good numbers of Meadow Browns (30+) were recorded along with my first Ringlets (5) in the park this year. Small Tortoiseshell (2) and Speckled Wood (3) were added to the list and some very bright Commas (6) completed my butterfly tally. No dragonflies or damselflies were seen but I did see three young and newly fledged Mandarins on Pond 3.
10 July 2013

I managed to get the afternoon off work and headed to Landseer Park in search of the recently emerged Marbled Whites. They had been seen for about three days so I was hopeful of seeing a few. After a short while I saw my first male Marbled White and then saw at least two more. Walking further along thepath I managed to see at least another three making a total of at least six. It turned out to be an excellent butterflysession with the following recorded: Purple Hairstreak (6), White-letter Hairstreak (6), Comma (5), Painted Lady (1), Red Admiral (3), Large White (5), Small White (3), Green-veined White (2), Small Skipper (10+), Essex Skipper (5+), Large Skipper (10+), Meadow Brown (50+), Ringlet (25+), Small Tortoiseshell (15+), Brimstone (3m, 2f), Speckled Wood (15+).
07 July 2013

Sarah Kilshaw enjoyed an Odonata feast in what was perfect weather for dragons!. Sarah recorded two male Black tailed Skimmers (below) on Pond 3 along withtwo Emperor Dragonflies.

As well as another Emperor Dragonfly (below) on the Wilderness Pond, she also sawtwo Four- spotted Chasers here as well. There werealso two male Banded Demoiselles – one on the Canal pond and another on the Wilderness Pond.

06 July 2013

Parrish Colman was watching butterflies in both Holywells Park and Landseer Park today. He has kindly provided photographs of a Holywells Brimstone (top) and a Meadow Brown and Small Tortoiseshell (bottom) from Landseer.

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